Cost & Financial Support

The department actively seeks out and recruits motivated high school students to major in Mathematics at BYU.  A small number of those students may be awarded a scholarship above and beyond regular BYU scholarships.  These scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the department, and are not applied for by incoming students.


Small scholarships may also be awarded to students who perform exceptionally well on the Putnam Competition, which we hold each year in December.  For more information, see Dr. Tiancheng Ouyang in 372 TMCB.


Each year, the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences awards another scholarship to continuing students.  Each department in the college nominates one student to receive this scholarship, and the college then decides whom will receive it.  This gives you another reason to work diligently and get to know your professors and advisors well!


You will also have great student employment opportunities in the Mathematics Department:


  • Math Lab. Apply to be a secretary or TA in the Math Lab!
  • Teaching Assistant. Speak to your professors about the possibility of working as a TA.
  • Grader. Also ask your professors if they are in need of a grader in future semesters.
  • Undergraduate Researcher. Earn up to $1500/semester assisting professors in their research and getting hands-on experience in mathematical discovery!


Additionally, you will be able to network with many companies and organizations who come to BYU specifically to recruit Math students.