Calculus 112, Fall 2004


Missed Quiz Policy.

If you miss an in-class quiz, you can still get some credit for the quiz.  Find and print the quiz from the class homepage and submit the quiz as you would a quiz correction.  The only writing you need to do is tell me that you were not in class. You can get 2 points back for each problem done correctly, for a maximum quiz score of 6 out of 10.

Chapter 1
Quiz 1
Quiz 2

Chapter 2
Quiz 3
Quiz 4

Chapter 3
Quiz 5
Quiz 6
Quiz 7

Chapter 4
Quiz 8

Quiz 9


Quizzes 10-12 were based on completing the packet of old finals.

Review Exams At the beginning of November, we will work on all of the problems that relate to material from chapters 1-4. You may skip the questions that have an X on them. Before exam 5 and exam 6, we will go back and do the problems that have an X. I printed a booklet for each of you. The link does not have the Xs on it, but is provided in case you loose your booklet. There are 12 pages, each quiz is four pages of problems. Each quiz is worth 10 points. Your score is out of 10, where you subtract one for each problem you didnt complete. If you missed class, you can get a 7 on each of these handouts by completing all but three of the problems.


Chapter 5
Quiz 13

Quiz 14


Chapter 6
Quiz 15

Quiz 16