Math 371 [Winter 2020]
Abstract Algebra

Course Page
Nick Andersen
nick [at] math [dot] byu [dot] edu
TMCB 328
Office Hours
Tu 3-4 | Th 2-3 | F 10-11
Tu 9-10 | W 10-11 [priority given to 290 students]

3 [EMC2]
MWF 12:00 — 12:50 PM [TMCB 108]
A First Course in Abstract Algebra, John B. Fraleigh [Amazon Link]

There will be 13 homework assignments, collected in class each Monday (with the exception of HW 1, due on 17 Jan, and HW 5, due on 18 Feb). You may also put your homework in the box outside 328 TMCB by 1:00PM each day that homework is due. Assignments are posted on Learning Suite.
No late homework will be accepted. However, typed homework assignments using LaTeX may be turned in via email until midnight on the due date (send both the .tex and .pdf files).
Feel free to work in groups on the homework assignments, but each person should write up their solutions individually. Homework will be checked for completeness [approx 50% of the total grade] and a few questions will be graded for correctness [approx 50% of the total grade].
In addition to homework assignments, daily active reading assignments are posted on Learning Suite. You should complete these before your lecture time on the due date.
An overwhelming body of evidence indicates that students learn most effectively when presented with more frequent, lower-stakes examinations. Thus there will be no midterm exams; instead there will be six short quizzes throghout the semester, each in the testing center. These should each take approximately 30—40 minutes to complete.
There will be a final exam, the length of approximately 2.5 quizzes, held
Tuesday, 21 April 2020, 2:30 PM — 5:30 PM in TMCB 108
Exams are closed book and closed notes. No calculators are allowed. Issues related to grading of quizzes must be addressed within two weeks of the quiz date.
There will be no makeup quizzes, no matter the excuse [see Grades].
Your final grade will be computed from your homework, quiz, and final exam scores according to the weighting
12% Homework + 12% x 6 Quizzes + 28% Final = 112% Total
Your lowest quiz score or total homework score will be dropped, whichever helps your grade the most. Your letter grade will not be any worse than the standard 90-80-70-60 cutoffs would give you, but it might be better.
Grades will be available online via Learning Suite.

You are expected to come to every lecture on time and stay until the end of class. If an illness or other emergency prevents you from attending, then you should get notes from a classmate and check Learning Suite for announcements and assignments.
Emails of the form "I wasn't in class today, did I miss anything?" will be ignored.
This semester we will be using Piazza for our online discussions. This will be shared among all EMC2 courses. You will be automatically added to the course Piazza page on the first day of class; if you need to be added later, just email nick [at] math [dot] byu [dot] edu. Piazza allows everyone in the class to post questions and answers 24/7 so that the whole class can see them and answer them. I will mark correct answers as such, and post my own answers if necessary.
Academic Integrity
Cheating on Exams is not only not allowed, but it is also stupid. If you are caught cheating on an exam, there will be serious consequences which could extend further than this course.