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Brigham Young University
Math Department

Fall 2006 Number Theory Seminar


Talks will be held Tuesdays or Thursdays at 10:00 AM in 323 TMCB
12 Sep. 2006Darrin Doud Computing fundamental characters using Hilbert symbols
19 Sep. 2006Xian-Jin Li On zeros of L-functions of elliptic curves
26 Sep. 2006David Cardon Sums of entire functions having only real zeros
3 Oct. 2006Roger Baker Sums of two cubes
10 Oct. 2006Machiel van Frankenhuysen (UVSC) Finite arithmetic progressions of zeros of the Riemann zeta function
17 Oct. 2006No Seminar
24 Oct. 2006Darrin Doud What is a reciprocity law?
31 Oct. 2006No Seminar
9 Nov. 2006M. Ram Murty
Variations on the Sato-Tate Conjecture
14 Nov. 2006No Seminar
28 Nov. 2006No Seminar
5 Dec. 2006Darrin Doud Groebner Bases and Buchberger's Algorithm

Schedules from previous semesters

Winter 2006 Number Theory Seminar

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