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Brigham Young University
Math Department

Winter 2006 Number Theory Seminar


Talks will be held Thursdays at 10:00 AM in 1054 JKB
DateSpeakerTitleTime and Place
26 Jan. 2006Darrin Doud Galois representations and elliptic curves10:00 AM 1054 JKB
2 Feb. 2006Xian-Jin Li 10:00 AM 1054 JKB
9 Feb. 2006Paul Jenkins (Wisconsin) Borcherds products, Zagier duality and traces of singular moduli 4:00 PM 116 TMCB
16 Feb. 2006Jasbir Chahal Congruent Numbers and Elliptic Curves 10:00 AM 1054 JKB
23 Feb. 2006Darrin Doud Local corrections of discriminant bounds and small degree extensions of quadratic fields
(Joint work with Sharon Brueggeman)
10:00 AM 1054 JKB
2 Mar. 2006Darrin Doud Tame Brauer relations and class numbers of Galois extensions 10:00 AM 1054 JKB
9 Mar. 2006Tom Kent Ramsey's Theorem 10:00 AM 1054 JKB
14 Mar. 2006Sharon Brueggeman (Tennessee) The nonexistence of certain linear Galois extensions of quadratic fields with small ramification 3:00 PM
299 TMCB
23 Mar. 2006David Cardon Li's criterion and zero-free regions of L-functions 10:00 AM 1054 JKB
30 Mar. 2006David Cardon Li's criterion and zero-free regions of L-functions, II 10:00 AM 1054 JKB
6 Apr. 2006Darrin Doud Galois representations in characteristic two and a generalization of Serre's conjecture 10:00 AM 1054 JKB
13 Apr. 2006Meghan DeWitt Finding a Galois representation associated to a Hecke eigenclass 10:00 AM 1054 JKB

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