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In Fall 2013 I am teaching Linear and Nonlinear Analysis as part of the new Applied and Computational Mathematics Emphasis (ACME)

Student Research Mentoring

I am supervising several students--both undergraduates and graduates. My students are mostly working on problems related to new developments in mirror symmetry, orbifold Gromov-Witten theory, FJRW theory (Landau-Ginzburg A-models), and singularity theory.

My students who were working on problems in tropical geometry and tropical algebra have all graduated. They do still have a webpage with various results and useful tools, such as Nathan Grigg's Maple code for studying tropical geometry and algebra.

Mathletes Getting Respect

What if we treated star students like star athletes? The BYU math competion team has some real stars the past few years and in this video and this article they are finally getting some of the respect they deserve. For more about the BYU mathletes, go to the BYU Mathlete Tumblr page.


We Use Math! Film Series

The BYU Department of Mathematics is working to help inspire young people to study mathematics by producing a series of several high-quality, short films about careers and opportunities in mathematics.

The Series is called We Use Math! The first segment is complete and can be seen at the site We Use Math.com or on YouTube.

When am I ever going to use Math?

Ever wonder what math is good for and why teachers, parents, school boards, want students to take lots of math? The BYU Math Department has a great site to answer the question When Will I Use Math?

It has resources for students, parents, teachers, and others who want to know more about

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