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I have done a lot of traveling. I enjoy experiencing new cultures and beautiful landscapes. I have listed my favorite places and at least one reason why I enjoy them.

New England (e.g., New Hampshire where we lived for 2 years, Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts): Beautiful landscape throughout the year, but especially during autumn (here, Robert Frost's poetry comes alive)
Romantische Strasse, Germany: Historic and beautiful towns, cathedrals, farmlands.
Paris: Louvre, Notre Dame, Chartres, romantic ambience.
London: Architecture, museums, history, fish and chips.
Vienna(6 months study abroad): Wonderful opportunities to enjoy music.
Nuernberg, Germany (lived there for 3 years): Christmas market.
Salzburg and the Salzgammergut: Beautiful landscape and lakes.
Poland (e.g., Lublin, Warsaw, and small villages in the eastern part): not as well historically preserved as Germany but it is more undisturbed and less touristy.
Washington, DC: The Smithsonian museums and the Mall (if I only have 1 day to spend in a city, I would choose DC).
Lexington, Kentucky (lived there for 5 years): Expansive, beautiful horse farms with blue grass surrounded by white picket fences.
Chicago (lived in the area for 2 years): The "loop."
Southern California (where I grew up): beaches, weather (but not the traffic, lack of trees, or smog)
Florence, Italy: Architecture, museums, countryside.
Switzerland: The Alps Lakes and chocolate.
Ireland: Countryside, Castles.
Utah: Hiking in the mountains and the nearby National Parks (e.g., Bryce, Arches, Zion, Yellowstone)

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